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Kindergarten Classroom 

With school on the horizon, kindergartners are inspired to think critically, explore new ideas, and build on language, art, and social skills they’ll need to succeed


What Goes On Inside The Daycare


  • Exploration: observe, research, chart findings, and use tools and technology

  • Problem-Solving: conduct long-term projects to test ideas/find solutions ( studying ants, woodworking), science journals and annual science experiences


  • Visual Arts: communicate ideas visually; explore art books/artists; use a variety of mediums and tools

  • Creative Movement: learn complex dances; understand rhythms/patterns in music

  • Dramatic Arts: compose stories or plays; use imagination in play; assign roles


  • Number Sense: solve simple number problems; distinguish patterns; count objects; and make sets

  • Spatial Relations: measure volume and size; build geometric structures; and understand concepts of time, rotating math stations and math journals


  • Healthy Living Practices: yoga, mindfulness, and physical activity

  • Nutrition and Safety: make healthy food choices; engage in cooking activities; take care of personal needs

  • Nature Experiences: observe plants and animals; grow a garden; explore the natural world

Building Character

  • Character and Community: understand home, the classroom, and the larger community; begin to develop positive character traits

  • Environmental Awareness: care for plants or animals; recycle; clean up after ourselves

  • Diversity Awareness: understand and appreciate differences; use maps


  • Social-Emotional: develop friendships; ask for help; resolve conflict; express compassion and empathy; and identify emotions

  • Executive Function: take turns; persevere through a task; regulate emotions; and see another’s perspective


  • Listening and Speaking: ask questions; expand vocabulary; and participate in back-and-forth discussions

  • Early Literacy: listen to/retell stories; write simple charts, letters, and journals, daily pre-reading and writing 

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